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April 2024 Newsletter

Updated: Apr 15

Hi all!

Biscuit Beacon has been developing at an increasingly rapid pace over the past several months, and we want you all, new and existing users, to be a part of the excitement! This newsletter will be the first of many monthly publications, where we’ll outline both recent developments in the app and behind-the-scenes initiatives that further define Biscuit Beacon and our values as an organization. Without further ado, enjoy the article!

V1.7.0 Release

Yesterday we launched Version 1.7.0 of the Biscuit Beacon app, which includes several exciting new features and less exciting (but equally important!) bug fixes. Let’s take a closer look!

New Beacon Types

Our mission at Biscuit Beacon is to elevate everyday dog walks - and that doesn’t stop at treat jar and water bowl beacons. Now anyone can add and view public dog parks, toy bins, lost dog flyers, and dog trails on the map. 

Beacon Bookmarking

See a beacon you want to visit in the future? Save it for later by tapping the bookmark icon. Easily access all of your bookmarked beacons by opening the search feature and selecting the “Saved” beacons filter.

Advanced Onboarding Tutorial

For all of our new users, you are now welcomed with a more interactive tutorial to better acquaint you with the app and its functionality. The tutorial guides you through the usage of a few key features and how to make the most of them, setting you up for success as a Biscuit Beacon user.


Biscuit Beacon’s most recent philanthropic initiative, PawPower, is coming soon. Our team is working diligently to bring this program to life, and we can’t wait to release more specifics in our next update. In the meantime, check out our teaser page here.

Team Outreach

Biscuit Beacon is committed to supporting our team at every step of the way. 

We are currently assisting our former app development lead to bring FLL (FIRST Lego League) to his community in Nigeria. This program, launching in 2024, will enable students in his town to participate in a global form of STEM education.

Additionally, former Biscuit Beacon intern Nurseiit is seeking to pursue a Master’s Degree in Data Science in either his home country, Kazakhstan, or the United States. To help Nurseiit achieve his dream, our team is offering him advice on the admissions process and writing recommendation letters for his applications.

We are honored to work alongside these two talented individuals as they make an impact on their communities and the greater world!


That’s a wrap for our first newsletter. Let us know what you think! Any feedback sent to or one of our social channels will be considered for future publications. Thank you for reading and we’ll see you next time!

Sarah Milligan

Founder & CEO of Biscuit Beacon

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