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About Us

Elevating your everyday dog walks

In the spring of 2022, one happy moment of finding a dog treat jar on a sunny sidewalk led to the Biscuit Beacon app you see today—a crowdsourced map of public treat jars and water bowls, a thriving community of dog owners, an array of thrilling rewards, and much more. Through this free platform, we're helping dog owners around the world find adventure in every walk. We talk more about our story below, but first, please enjoy the following picture—the star, the icon, the king of the house, the one that started it all—Percy, in his natural habitat.


Our Story (in brief)

After Percy inspired the first version of Biscuit Beacon, the founder, Sarah, along with an initial team of three entered the app into a global incubator-style program and pitching competition for young entrepreneurs called the Modak Maker Studio. Throughout the summer of 2022, the team of four, oceans apart, worked diligently together to build V1.0 and gather a community supporters. The app placed 2nd in two separate rounds of the competition, raising funding for its continued development.

Biscuit Beacon's first beta release was marked in October 2022, which was followed shortly by a public launch in March 2023. Since then, we have released several updates and continued to reach more dog owners around the world. Our diverse team (pictured below), which has grown magnitudes since the beginning, constantly mirrors our driving goal to bring more joy to your everyday dog walks. Biscuit Beacon is an app for dog lovers, and it's built by dog lovers too.

Meet The Team

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