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The Beginnings Of Biscuit Beacon

From the CEO

The idea for Biscuit Beacon blossomed while I was--surprise!--on a walk with my beloved dog, Percy, in the beautiful neighborhood that I live in. We had just passed by a treat jar that I had never noticed before, so we stopped to let him enjoy one. It just filled my heart to see him enjoying the surprise, making our walk tenfold better than our typical stroll.

At the time, I was deeply invested in an app development course I was taking through school and was in need of a final project idea. I had brainstormed multiple options, but what really stuck came forth on that walk with Percy. A mere spark of happiness quickly burst into a flame ideas, which eventually morphed into what you see here on this website.

For the next few weeks I worked tirelessly on the app, completing multiple foundational steps and ultimately beginning to program it. Around that time we came up with the name "Biscuit Beacon" (kudos to my dad). The name fit and the website domain was available too, which was all the better. 😉

My dream around that time was to publish a successful app, ideally Biscuit Beacon, on both Google Play and The App Store. To do this, I had to learn a new programming language that allowed for cross-platform functionality, versus the Android-only platform I was currently using. So, I finished up a very bare-bones version of Biscuit Beacon for my app development course and set out to find a better programming language.

Shortly after I found an online course for the language that I selected, I discovered the Modak Maker Studio--an online business competition for young entrepreneurs, offering thousands of dollars for the winning teams. This appealed to me with my idea for Biscuit Beacon, so I checked it out.

After lots of thought, I decided to look for a team and join the competition, even though I was originally going to build Biscuit Beacon on my own. I first asked a few people I knew in person and ultimately managed to get one on board. I then resorted to the internet for additional programmers.

I eventually found two people from across the world to help with the app development--and so far they have been just fantastic to work with.

That brings us to today, where we are all working diligently to make this idea a reality. Each step we make to reach our goal fills me with joy, just like it did when the seedling of an idea came to life. We can't wait to share that joy with you too through Biscuit Beacon ❤️

(Written Summer 2022)

Our Team

Sarah Milligan

CEO & App Developer


Anikate De

Lead App Developer


Prastab Ghimire

App Developer

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